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First Aid Course baby & child

Learn everything you need to know in the comfort of your home or a location near home

  • 5 steps for providing first aid to children
  • minor accidents (nose bleeds, tick bites, object in nose/ear etc.)
  • burns& scalds
  • poisoning
  • choking & suffocation
  • wounds
  • unconsciousness

- You learn togheter with friends/colleagues or family, which is more fun
- You have a private course with a professional safetytrainer. You can ask her/him everything you want to know.
- You can plan a course at a date and time of your preference
- It's cheaper if you are with more people.


First aid course - The Basics (3 hours)
We cover a whole range of different conditions and first aid techniques in this basic course. You will learn about the most common accidents with babies and children. From knowing how to put a child or infant in the recovery position if they are unresponsive but breathing, to dealing with a choking child or baby. Next to those subjects you will learn about smaller accidents like wounds and stings.

First aid course- Plus (4,5 - 6 hours)
You will learn all the subjects of the Basic course (as written above) and you will train your CPR skills, with a baby and child. And you will learn how to use an AED to improve the survival chance of a victim. The courses are interactive. So you have the opportunity to raise all your questions and share your concerns.

We organise courses for 2 to 14 people at your home or a given location. We can plan the course at weekdays from 9:00 untill 22:00 hours or in weekends (mornings or afternoon). Time in consultation.

Basics: certificate of participation
Plus: certificate of participation and an official certificate of the NRR (Nederlandse Reanimatie Raad)
With both courses you will receive the digitial Guardian Angel's handbook with a summary of the subjects of the course.

2 persons: €199,- p.p.
3 persons: €149 p.p.
4 persons: €129,- p.p.
5 persons: €109,- p.p.
6-7 persons : €99,- p.p.
8-9 persons : €89,- p.p.
10-11 persons : €84,- p.p.
12-14 persons : €79,- p.p

First AID Plus:
2 persons: €329,- p.p.
3 persons: €229 p.p.
4 persons: €179,- p.p.
5 persons: €149,- p.p.
6 persons : €139,- p.p.
7 persons : €129,- p.p.
8-9 persons : €119,- p.p.
10-11 persons : €109,- p.p.
12-14 persons : €99,- p.p.

Tip: Health insurance companies will sometimes cover for the costs
Check it out here

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  • 5 basic first aid steps
  • small injuries (bloody nose, object in nose/ear, insect sting)
  • burns
  • poisoning/ harmful substances
  • choking
  • wounds
  • unconsciousness
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